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Our beautiful country, at the bottom of the world sometimes doesn’t get the same cat products as our friends in the UK or USA!  The cat products that are readily available are a little more limited “down under

I’m a lucky position where I hear about new cat toys, food or supplies a little earlier than you might.  I also have access to at least 40 “test cats” at all times – which makes testing the effectiveness of cat products quite a bit easier than most!

Every cat deserves to live its best life but human money doesn’t grow on trees…  Working for a charity, I understand the value of a dollar!  I’m one of those people who extensively research something before I purchase it.  My strong Scottish roots forbid me from wasting money and I earn very little money to survive on due to health issues.  So I thought if I could provide honest cat product reviews, it would help human-slaves benefit from my experience and not waste their money on inferior products!

I aim to give unbiased, un-sponsored reviews of cat products that are available in the New Zealand.  The following reviews are my honest opinion after almost a decade working in one of New Zealand’s largest independent cat shelters.

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I gives this pink thingy a ten out of ten!

Review of Broadline for Cats

The following review is my own opinion after over 8 years of working with rescue cats and is not sponsored in any way by the product being reviewed. Broadline for…
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