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Learn about the cats of NZ! 

The more you learn about your furry friend, the easier your can help them live their best life.  I answer questions from regular New Zealanders about cats all the time.  Kiwis love knowing more than their friends and neighbours and there are some cat topics that come up all the time from curious clients.  I aim to inform and help New Zealand cat owners navigate the world of old wives tales and learn the truth about their cats.  Lets learn more about our favourite furry friends!

Hmm interesting.. Maybes I can learn how to sleeps more!

Cat Scent Marking

Cat scent marking is a part of their language and vocabulary.  Scent is amazingly important to cats – it can be comforting, intriguing, threatening even informative.  The feline sense of…

Learn To Speak Cat: Tail Talk

Cat tails are a very important part of their vocabulary!  They use them to express their emotions and learning to read what your cats tail position is telling you, is…

Pat, Pat, Attack..!

Ever been patting your cat and everything is fine…  Then suddenly… But I thought we were having fun!!!! There can be a few reasons your cat turns on you mid-pat.…
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