Support the Cats Protection League Canterbury

Support the Cats Protection League Canterbury

A local charity with a heart of gold

The Cats Protection League Canterbury does excellent work.  They are a cat rescue centre focused on rehoming cats responsibly.  Their rehoming team specialise in finding the right cat for the right person.  They also offer subsidised desexing for Community Services Card holders, with their “Feline Fix” program.

The Feline Fix has helped decrease the number of unwanted cats throughout Canterbury.  Since the earthquakes, I have seen a dramatic decrease in unwanted kittens and cats in Christchurch.  They also offer support with emergency vet care and cat food parcels for the needy.

Cats Protection League Canterbury has been around since the 70’s, quietly caring for the homeless cats of the region.  They started off working out of one lady’s house and over the years built free-standing cages in the backyard to expand their capacity.  The cattery was hit hard by the earthquakes and did not qualify for a rebuild, so the work was challenging but it had to continue.  They then received some very generous bequests in some amazing peoples wills.  This enabled them to build a purpose build facility to house the cats in their care.  The cats they have are cared for as if they were the staffs own cats.

They do not receive government funding and are reliant on donations and some revenue from their small op-shop.  Covid-19 saw a big decline in donations and income, especially during lockdown – but their work must continue.

Help out Cats Protection League

Cats Protection League have partnered up with Entertainment to offer the people of New Zealand fantastic deals and offers.  20% of membership costs go straight to CPL to help them continue their important work.

Help support this heroic local organisation, and score yourself some great deals at the same time!

Cats Protection League Fundraiser
Valid until 31st May 2021

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