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Review: Royal Canin Ageing 12+ Dry Food

Royal Canin Ageing 12+ is a complete dry food for cats who are getting older, may have sensitive teeth and gums and have a fussy appetite.  

My fussy boy Bud has been on this dry food for years and I cannot recommend it highly enough!  His coat is shiny and soft, he actually enjoys the taste and it keeps his weight at a much more robust level than his naturally stress-y, delicate, bony level.

He has even got younger! …Well, I never knew his date of birth but he has had his age revised twice at the vets to become younger since being on this food (I’m sure these results are not typical!!)

I would avoid giving this food to cats who are overweight – it has a slight appetite stimulant in it to help older cats stay at a weight where they have a little padding to fall back on in illness.

The biscuits themselves have a soft centre to make them easy to crunch on with old teeth.

I give Royal Canin Ageing 12+:

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