Eating too much?

Eating too much?


Suddenly really hungry?

If your cat has suddenly started eating much more than before, and loosing weight – you need to book a vet appointment to have your cat checked out.  Health issues like Hyperthyroid can make cats ravenously hungry but their bodies burn off all the calories – so they can rapidly loose condition.  Another sign of Hyperthyroid disease is that your cat becomes more vocal.  If your cat has never been one to scream and yell at dinner time – and then suddenly it begins to, you should assess this change in behaviour.  Is your cat being greedy, or is it genuinely ferociously hungry?  Its a good idea to have your cat checked out by its vet.

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Has the cat had a worm treatment recently?

If your cat is hungrier than usual and is otherwise fit and healthy – make sure you are up to date with their worming treatments.  Your cat may need to be wormed more regularly if it is a prolific hunter of wildlife.  Birds and mice that your cat catches may have worms, and by eating their catch then they have worms.

Is your cat getting greedy? 

A bored cat may begin to focus on food much like a bored human.  If you leave food out all day for your cat (free feeding), a bored cat will go and chow down regardless of weather its hungry or not.  If the food you feed is very low quality and full of fillers, salt and flavourings (ie Friskies), your cat may not be getting the nutrition it needs.  Brands of cat biscuits like Friskies and Whiskers apparently taste great to cats, but they are the equivalent of cat fast food.  You wouldn’t feed your child Mc Donalds for every meal would you?  “Vet Quality” biscuits such as Royal Cannin and Hills are excellent and the best choices for a healthy cat-diet.  If you prefer to get cat food from the local supermarket – Purina One or Iams is a healthy choice for NZ cats.

If your cat is being greedy and is very “food focused” you can try them on a food such as “Royal Cannin Satiety”  Is is low calorie and fills up cat tummies to reduce begging for food between meals.   Resist the urge to cave in to your cats desires for more food – if you give in they will never forget it…

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